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A brave little dog fights for his life...





For a young puppy, Bruno the English Bulldog has already had a difficult life.  He was born in Thailand, taken from his mother at a very young age, and shipped to Abu Dhabi with paperwork which falsely indicated that his vaccines were up to date and that he was older than his eight weeks. 


His new family took excellent care of Bruno but his weak immune system (due to the stress of transport at a very young age, poor immunity from lack of proper vaccines, and being taken from his mother too early) made him susceptible to disease.






Shortly after arriving in Abu Dhabi he developed a serious case of pneumonia.  He was placed on antibiotics for the pneumonia and although he initially showed signs of improvement, his condition deteriorated when he developed severe vomiting and diarrhea.


Bruno's condition was critical when he was brought to the AVC after midnight as an emergency.  He was immediately hospitalized, had X-rays, blood/stool tests performed, was given IV fluids and several IV antibiotics, and kept in an isolation area.  The test results revealed that Bruno had contracted parvovirus. 





Parvovirus is a very contagious and often fatal disease in puppies - it attacks and destroys the lining of the intestinal tract.  (For more information on parvovirus go to our VIN Pet Library and after selecting "dogs" - type in the search term "parvovirus".)  Even with treatment, many puppies with parvovirus do not survive.


It took over a week before Bruno's immune system managed to fight off the parvovirus.  The antibiotics and intravenous fluid therapy he received in the hospital helped to prevent secondary infections and dehydration, but... we had to wait and see if Bruno's immune system could win the battle - and thankfully it did!






After 10 days in the clinic in intensive care, Bruno's condition improved and he was ready to go home! 


Two weeks later Bruno returned to the AVC for a recheck visit with Dr. Karyn.  He was doing great, gaining weight, and was healthy enough to start his puppy vaccines!


Good Luck Bruno!