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The story of a very lucky little dog!








Meet Lucy:  an 11year old purebred Maltese from Australia.  She enjoys being an expat dog - spending her days exploring in the garden, being pampered, and living the good life!









Lucy's life changed abruptly one morning while out for her morning stroll in the front garden. 


From out of nowhere (actually, from the neighbor's driveway) a Toyota Prado appeared - and it was headed straight for Lucy!  Lucy didn't have enough time to react and was completely run over by the Prado!


Despite their obvious size difference (PRADO = 2850 kgs  vs  LUCY = 4 kgs) this Prado was no match for little Lucy... 










She was rushed to the American Veterinary Clinic and seen after hours on an emergency basis.  X-rays unexpectedly revealed no broken bones!  Lucy did sustain some damage to her bladder but this resolved with time and medication.    









But ... severe bruising developed on Lucy's back and the skin in this area began to die.  We didn't know how much skin would die or if Lucy's body would be able to heal on its own.  Turns out there was no need for anyone to worry about Lucy - ten weeks of daily water baths, antibiotics, skin creams and anti-inflammatories helped her heal without reconstructive surgery!




A few days after the accident:  a huge area of skin on Lucy's back developed severe bruising due to the crushing injuries she sustained.  At this time Lucy was on medication to help manage the pain. 


Ten days after the accident: some areas of skin began to turn pink - this was a very good sign!


Three weeks after the accident:  areas of pink skin and black (dead) skin were becoming more clear... 


Four weeks after the accident:  some of the pink areas in the previous photo failed to survive and turned black.  You can see in this photo areas of bright red healthy tissue where the dead black skin has fallen off. 


Eight weeks after the accident:  the wound was looking great!  You can see the skin edges creeping closer together, especially at the far left and bottom edges. 


Twelve weeks after the accident:  the wound is fully healed!  Although there is a large scar, Lucy is perfectly comfortable and is happy to wear a T-shirt when she goes outside to protect this sensitive skin from the sun! 






We don't yet know how much hair will grow back but Lucy doesn't care - she's got a new look and is once again enjoying life at home with her family!


Good Luck Lucy!