5 Best Pet Wellness Tips to Follow

Pet wellness is always important to us since we want to take care of our pets and make sure that they are happy and have as healthy a life as possible. The following are the 5 best pet wellness tips to follow that will help you provide your furry friend with the highest quality of life possible.
If you’re a pet lover, you know the importance of providing them the high-quality care that they deserve. Mostly, you need to ensure all of their needs are met and offer them the best care available. Here, American Veterinary Clinic, the best veterinary clinic in Abu Dhabi shares a list of the top 5 tips that can bring a quality life for your furry animal companion.

  1. Bring Your Furry Friend for Routine Check-ups
    A healthy pet must visit a reliable veterinary clinic at least once a year for a routine pet checkup to ensure that they are having a quality life without any diseases. Moreover, the routine check-up will be helpful for early detention if there is any illness and can easily be treated during the initial stages. However, pets who have suffered from any medical issue must visit their veterinarian more frequently.
  2. Provide Your Pet a Healthy Diet
    Providing your dog or cat with a healthy diet brings many benefits to your pets, a healthy diet contains so many essential nutrients that make them stay healthy and enhance their strength and immune system. If you’re not aware of the healthy diets to feed your pet, seek the advice of an experienced veterinarian because they can recommend the types of healthy diet adequate for your furry friend to keep them healthy, balance intestinal health, enhance mental acuity, and provide optimal health for their muscles and joints.
  3. Support Your Pet Maintain a Healthy Weight
    Just like humans, being overweight of your cat or dog may increase the risk of affecting various diseases including diabetes, heart disease, and more. Moreover, obesity may adversely impact the lifespan of your dog. When you bring your pet for a routine checkup, you can weigh your pet and you can understand the ideal weight for your pet by gaining advice from experienced veterinarians. From their guidance, you will be able to understand how to feed your pet at every meal. Additionally, you will learn about the necessary exercises for your pet to keep them maintain healthy weight.
  4. Keep Vaccinate Your Pet on the Due Date
    The most important thing you need to consider to keep your pet healthy is by providing them with core vaccination on the scheduled date. Vaccines keep them protected from any life-threatening diseases, and vaccinations like rabies vaccines are mandatory by law in several regions. Your pet, whether it is a cat or dog, gets the first shot of the vaccine when they are 6 to 8 weeks old. Visiting a trusted veterinary clinic helps you know which vaccination is necessary for your pet and depending on your pet’s health, the vets will schedule timely vaccination for your pet.
  5. Keep Your Furry Friend Well Groomed
    Keeping your pet well-groomed helps to prevent painful knots, mats, and severe skin conditions. Different pet breeds need a different set of grooming, pets with longer fur require more grooming regularly than shorter ones. Grooming includes brushing, bathing, nail trims, and more. So, if you want to have the absolute best look for your pet, bring them to the American Veterinary Clinic, for a professional and reliable grooming session. We have fully equipped grooming facilities that ensure your pet receives the best grooming solutions in Abu Dhabi.

    Apart from these, make your furry friend spayed and neutered, and also provide them dental solutions by bringing them to regular oral health exams to help them get hygiene cleaning to have strong and healthy teeth.
    Also, remember that these devices are for informational purposes only, and do not involve medical advice regarding pet health. However, for receiving the best diagnosis, please make an appointment with us. We’re committed to treating your parents with the best possible care to enhance their well-being and live healthy life.


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