Diagnostic Imaging

Diagnostic Imaging

Don’t be curious about the impudent behavior of your furry friend! They may be feeling irritated inside. We are equipped with quality diagnostic imaging services to get rid of these issues. We offer the latest and most significant pet diagnostics services including digital radiography and ultrasonography

Digital Radiography

With our high-quality digital radiography service, we can snap excellent X-rays of the internal organs of your furry friend. Remember, don’t try to put this as your Instagram post!


Please don’t dress about your pet’s health! We use the new Esaote fully-loaded ultrasound machines at our clinic that can offer non-invasive diagnostics imaging techniques.
Our veterinarians are highly skilled professionals capable of using these machines to diagnose and monitor the various condition of your pet.


Listen here, your furry friend can affect heart disease at any time, however, it may be common for older pets. This may result in serious heart failure since they don’t have the ability to pump blood during this stage.
Fear not, we have an awesome veterinarian capable of examining your pet’s heart condition. Start analyzing your furry friend’s heart from the 6th week of age. When we analyze any murmurs or weird rhythm, we recommend taking further tests including ECG, X-rays, or Doppler blood pressure monitoring.

Don’t be late to have the best diagnostic imaging checkup! At AVC, we provide detailed images of your pet’s organs, heart, and blood vessels with digital radiography and ultrasonography services.

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