Diagnostics Services

Diagnostics Services

At AVC, we offer extended veterinary diagnostic services with our professional veterinarians who are equipped with the latest technology and innovative tools to help your beloved one from their miseries.

Blood Pressure Check

At AVC, we offer professional blood pressure check for your pets to ensure they are not throwing a tantrum. Normally pet cats can have hypertensive issues due to kidney and cardiac diseases. An early diagnosis and management of hypertension ensure they are in top condition.

Electrocardiography Services

AVC offers you an extensive electrocardiography service that initiates non-invasive diagnostic testing to analyze the rhythm and beating of your furry friend’s heart. Our guardian angels are highly professional in assisting in the diagnosis and treatment of the heart condition of your furry friends.


We don’t mess with your pets! We strictly follow the highest standard of clinical pathological diagnostics and collaborate with the finest only. We have a complete primary and secondary advanced on- site IDEXX lab system with Procyte, Catalyst, SNAPP, SNAPP Pro, Urine Analyser, and Pathogenic diagnostic capabilities.
We are capable of performing all blood tests in our clinic including innovative tests for Cardiology, Neurology, Gastroenterology, Dermatology, Endocrinology, Nephrology, and more.

Doppler Ultrasound Service

We’re looking forward to seeing what’s going on inside the body of your pet! Our professional veterinarians have a superpower in looking inside the body. Just kidding! We offer an ultrasound doppler service that provides detailed pictures of your furry friend’s blood flow and identifies the concerns in the blood circulation. Bring your furry friend as soon as possible to AVC, and have a comfortable and stress-free life with our medical services. They’ll wag their tails as a sign of

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