The Benefits of Choosing to Groom Your Pet at The American Veterinary Clinic Grooming Parlour!


As pet owners, we understand the importance of maintaining the health and well-being of our furry friends. Grooming plays a vital role in keeping our pets clean, comfortable, and healthy. When it comes to choosing a grooming service, many pet owners are faced with the decision between a mobile grooming service and grooming at the American Veterinary Clinic (AVC). In this blog, we will explore the numerous advantages of opting for a grooming parlour at the American Veterinary Clinic over other grooming service providers.

  1. Professional Expertise:

One of the primary reasons why the AVC Grooming Parlour is a superior choice is the presence of professional expertise. We employ trained and experienced groomers who possess in-depth knowledge about pet grooming techniques, breed-specific requirements, and handling various temperaments. These professionals are equipped to handle any grooming challenges that may arise, ensuring the safety and well-being of your pet.

  • Medical Supervision:

A significant advantage of choosing AVC Grooming is the added benefit of medical supervision. We have on-site veterinarians who can promptly address any medical concerns that may arise during the grooming process. This is particularly crucial for pets with existing health conditions or those prone to anxiety or stress. The availability of medical professionals ensures that any potential issues can be identified and addressed promptly, providing peace of mind to pet owners.

  • Comprehensive Health Checks:

Unlike mobile grooming services, and other grooming providers, the AVC offer added comprehensive health checks as part of their grooming services. These health checks can help identify any underlying health issues, such as skin infections, ear infections, dental problems, or external parasites. Early detection of such conditions can prevent further complications and ensure appropriate treatment is initiated promptly. This holistic approach to grooming helps maintain your pet’s overall health and well-being, protecting you and your community against zoonotic diseases.

  • State-of-the-Art Facilities, Equipment and Biosecurity:

The AVC Grooming parlour is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and grooming equipment. These facilities are designed to ensure the utmost comfort and safety of your pet during the grooming process. From adjustable grooming tables to specialized grooming tools, we at the AVC have invested in high-quality equipment that guarantees a professional and efficient grooming experience for your furry companion. The standard of hygiene employed is much higher and controlled by relevant authorities to ensure optimal compliance. We employ the best and pet safe disinfectants with the most stringent cleaning procedures which are monitored to show safety and efficacy. All pets groomed at the AVC must have core vaccinations up to date or at best carry a valid VacciCheck certificate. All of which we can provide for you at our facility.

  • Tailored Grooming Services:

Every pet has unique grooming needs, and the AVC Groomer understands this well. We offer a range of tailored grooming services that cater to your pet’s specific requirements. Whether your pet needs a simple bath and brush, a breed-specific haircut, or specialized treatments such as de-shedding or nail trimming, the AVC Groomer can provide personalized services that meet your pet’s individual needs.

  • Socialization Opportunities:

The AVC Grooming also provides valuable socialization opportunities for your pets. Interacting with other pets and professional groomers in a controlled environment can help improve your pet’s social skills and overall behaviour. Additionally, the familiarity of the veterinary hospital environment can help reduce anxiety or stress that some pets may experience during grooming sessions. Our groomers are all trained to recognise canine and feline behaviours to ensure stress and an always fear free grooming session.

  • Consistency and Reliability:

Mobile grooming services often face challenges such as scheduling conflicts, weather-related issues, or vehicle breakdowns, which can lead to inconsistent or canceled appointments. On the other hand, the AVC Grooming offers a reliable and consistent grooming experience. With set operating hours and dedicated staff, you can rest assured that your pet’s grooming needs will be consistently met without any unexpected cancellations.


Choosing the AVC Grooming Parlour offers numerous advantages over any other grooming service. From professional expertise and medical supervision to comprehensive health checks and state-of-the-art facilities, our grooming parlour provides a superior grooming experience for your beloved pets. With tailored services, and reliable appointments, you can be confident that your furry friend will receive the highest standard of care and attention during their grooming sessions. Choose the AVC grooming parlour as an investment in your pet’s health, happiness, and overall well-being.

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