Cattery Facilities

A home away from home...

Fussy or not! We cater for all cat-comforts! Cuddles, brushes, massages and independence for those who demand it!

The AVC is proud to be the home of Abu Dhabi’s first and largest boarding facilities!

The fully air-conditioned AVC Cattery is located in the AVC villa in Abu Dhabi.

The experienced cattery staff in our cat boarding service do their best to make your cats’ stay as comfortable as possible.

Our experienced cattery staff do their best to make your cats’ stay as comfortable as possible.

We know it’s not home, but with individual care and attention, we try to make it the next best thing – so you can relax knowing your pets are in good hands. Our vintage styled cattery condos are large and allow your cat to explore in a vertical fashion, coz’ that is what cats love – high places to perch on and scoff at the humans! They all have comfy fur beds, a litter box with hypoallergenic kitty litter, a water bowl, and food bowl. A fluffy donut/bed/hide box is also provided for them to exercise their right to privacy. We feed all cats premium cat food. If your pet requires a special food kindly let us know as this may carry a surcharge for a replacement prescription diet. Our chefs at Hill’s Pet Nutrition-USA and Royal Canine-France ensure all foods are 5 star rated healthy, wholesome and nutritious for your cat. Our water is sourced from the mountains of Al-Ain and bottled at source for freshness and authenticity.

In our cat hotel, all guests are treated to daily brushing, cuddles, clean eyes, clean ears, and private areas for cleanliness. At our cat Hotel Abu Dhabi, all our staff are trained to judge from the feces and urine if your cat is having/developing any health issues. Anything that may concern them, they will bring to the attention of one of our highly qualified vets to give your pet a once over clinical exam. If we are concerned about anything rest assured we will not run up a massive bill for you to pay – but will make contact with you and make suggestions for a diagnostic plan, treatment and management plan. We will proceed in case of a life threatening situation to save your pet! Our guests get a body weight and condition check to ensure they are not losing muscle mass – body weight due to stress or in-appetance from missing you. We monitor them all very closely and employ some important unique and outrageous methods to entertain our guests. Apart from song and dance, puppet shows, voice overs, we play some soothing music, activate hormone diffusers, spray calming hormone on stressed cats, provide toys, feather boas, soft balls, laser pointers, feather toys and good old fashioned human contact to help our guests relax. Do not be surprised to see our staff massaging certain guests to help them acclimatize to the resort…cattery!

For additional privacy, privacy curtains are in place to help our eccentric low-socialites keep the peace; you know cats are posh and bourgeois! Fussy much!

Cats must meet a few requirements to be eligible for admission to our Cat Hotel facilities these exist for your pet’s protection. Because your pet’s health is our main consideration, we are very strict in ensuring all pets meet these admission requirements! If you are uncertain if your pet is eligible to board with us – please contact us and we’ll be happy to help!


  • Allow your cats to explore their natural behavior in the largest vintage cages in UAE.
  • Vertical cages with all round open view
  • Hiding box
  • Feliway Diffusers to reduce stress.
  • Daily brushing of all cats
  • Music therapy for all felines to reduce stress and anxiety.
  • 24/7 access to Vet
  • Special nutritional requirements
  • Biosecurity and Hygiene protocols to prevent the spread of any feline condition between guests.
  • Dedicated Isolation areas
  • Safe locked doors to prevent precious cargo from escaping.
  • Daily weight checks
  • Daily walk-through by in house vet.



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