The American Veterinary Clinic Team

The AVC Doctors Compassionate, caring, professional...

Dr. Pranesh

Senior veterinarian & Director

Dr. Pranesh Sewpershad (BVSc.Hons.Pret) DVM

Specializing in:

  • Small animal internal Medicine
  • Clinical pathology
  • Diagnostic imaging
  • Preventative medicine
  • One Health practitioner

Big title for a little person – Beeeg heart with lots of compassion in this guy! Proud South African graduated from the Faculty of veterinary sciences in Pretoria, the beautiful Jacaranda city.  He loved it so much that after completing the undergraduate degree, he went back and studied some more gaining a post graduate degree in small animal internal medicine, clinical pathology and diagnostic imaging (Ultrasonography, MRI and CT).  Having spent the greater part of his advanced veterinary career at a specialist hospital in Johannesburg, South Africa, he practiced medicine alongside a highly specialized team of veterinary specialists! He brings this expertise to the U.A.E and is able to assist in advanced veterinary care, treatment and management of conditions in your pet.  He is like your Physician only better – his patients do not talk – but he does talk to his patients – no he is not crazy!

When he is not immersed in his clinical duties, he works in developing new novel ideas and concepts for the veterinary market.  All work and no play, makes anyone dull – he tries to ride his bicycles and attempts to pitch a tent in the desert – BBQ’s or Braai’s as they say in R.S.A, is a favorite pass time too. He loves doing arty-crafty stuff with the only woman born to rule his life – his daughter! The wife hangs out there sometime and somewhere too!

No vet’s home is complete without a menagerie – take your pick – he has it or had it – now, will a camel fit in an SUV…mmmm?

 Dr. Pranesh speaks English, Afrikaans, Hindi and Urdu.  He is attempting Arabic – he is not so good at that one, better stick to being a vet, we say!

Dr. Laura

Associate veterinarian

Dr. Laura Maldonado Mercedes Chacone. DVM

“The many named one”

Specializing in:

  • Ultrasonography
  • Internal medicine
  • Critical care
  • Emergency medicine
  • General practitioner

How can one person have so many names? We think we were impressed with her extra names so we hired her.  Dr. Laura is our Spaniard dancing queen who sprung out from South America in the middle of the Amazon jungle with amazing diagnostic skills in veterinary Ultrasonography.  Born with an ultrasound probe in her hand, she perfected her skills in Ecuador when she worked alongside some of the best vets in Ecuador at one of the largest specialist veterinary clinics.  She is also proficient in internal medicine with a leaning to emergency veterinary medicine.  Dr. Laura complements our team of veterinarians with her amazing attitude, bubbly spirit and attention to detail for all the patients at AVC!

She loves to gym, collects funky pens and pencils and is an amazing mum to her son, and a crazy cat Tango.  She can speak Spanish and English (or she at least tries too or you know Spanglish?)  Husband, Juan, is a pilot who loves spending his money on her makeup kits which is NOT tested on animals

Dr. Laura is on a continuous education sabbatical – she wants to be smartest vet around! so we can ensure we provide you with the best! Coming soon!

Dr. Aqsa Azam DVM

Specializing in:

  • General practitioner
  • Small animal dermatology

Dr. Aqsa, our Lahore-lass, hails from the beautiful country of Pakistan and comes along with a befitting and accomplished history of trials and tribulations to achieve her veterinary degree.  Supported and motivated by her father, Dr. Aqsa completed her degree at the University Veterinary and Animal Science (UVAS), Lahore, Pakistan.

Her drive and determination into exploring the veterinary world, brought her to the USA with extensive internships in New York and New Jersey at specialist small animal practices.  She developed and perfected her skills in small animal general practice and went on to work in Malayasia with a veterinary group of practices.  In all, she accumulated a great wealth of experience and expertise in general practice.  She brings it all together very well at the AVC as part of our dynamic and evolving team.

She has kept it all in the family and is married – to a vet!  I am sure she is the better vet!

Mother to twin boys, dedicating her love to anything with animals, her own menagerie and colony of cats and her favorite daily habits are makeup, reading books and she is an avid Netflix-er!

You are sure to see the fiery – feisty spirit in her during her dedication to ensuring all her patients are well cared for.

Dr. Aqsa speaks English, Urdu, Hindi and Punjabi.

Dr. Marcelo Uzeda. DVM

Specialising in:

  • Critical care medicine
  • General practice




Manoj, is a pioneering member of our team.  He arrived in Abu Dhabi 1999 as the very first assistant at the AVC.  His job was to acquire and set up the initial equipment for the clinic.  Needless to say his versatility, ingenuity and love for dogs, made him change careers from an electrician to a vet tech.  He is the calmest person you will ever come across.  One heart beat short of a coma! Even the most aggressive dogs, learn to chill with him. 

He heads our technician team and ensures they all are well trained and kept on their toes to ensure the best for our patients.  He is responsible for ensuring all our smart equipment are well maintained and kept in tip-top condition.

Manoj is blessed with two dogs, Aliya and Pishty, an amazing family with two kids with his wife Vilma.  When he is not in the clinic he does photography and loves fishing.  Manoj is an avid electronic/computer tech geek so he is always tampering with computers and other electronics.



She is our latest vet technician to join us – she is in charge of your pet when they are admitted to the hospital – she ensures they are comfortable, get their meds and lots of TLC – she is the mother of the hospital and she keeps things very strict! Did I do that correctly now?



Mark joined our team after gaining vast experience working in other vet clinics in the UAE.  He is a great addition to our team with a superb attitude, courteous smile and brings with him a wealth of experience in veterinary patient care.  Mark is a qualified physiotherapist who gave up on the bi-peds, and now focuses on his passion of helping his patients with much needed TLC and hands on rehab exercises!

He helps fix our backs!

Mark is a self-claimed foodie who explores Abu Dhabi’s streets in search of that elusive dish.  He is also an avid gamer and has a mean left thumb on his gaming console.  Sudoku is also one of his favorite past-times.



This space for rent!



Offer pending Awaiting approval!

The American Veterinary Clinic team

Your dedicated team of pet care professionals!

Rinoy Job:
The Hospital Supervisor

That explains the suit! The Supervisor!

Rinoy joined the AVC in 2009. His positions in the clinic have included Receptionist and Pet Relocation Advisor but his customer service skills and through knowledge of all aspects of the clinic have allowed him to expand his role into that of Hospital Supervisor to manage all the administrative stuff – sounds boring! But He loves it!  He has an MBA in Human Resources to prove it.  He makes sure everyone completes the chain and everyone follows the rules and policies.  He pays attention to ensure the clinic remains standing – you know vets, they always bring the house down…

In his spare time, when we allow him to leave the clinic, he has a secret double role! Many may have seen him on the cricket pitch in a few cricket league matches in Abu Dhabi, when he swaps his suit for cricket bat beating a poor defenceless cricket ball to a pulp as the number one batsman.  Trophies, certificates and medals litter his apartment…

He has a keen love for dogs and has his own four legged menagerie in Kerala.

Wilma, his wife, 2 kids Bryan and Bianca complete him.

Rinoy’s friendly attitude and people skills help set the tone for the rest of the staff!

Speaks: English, Hindi, Tamil and Malayalam.

 Habid Thondikodan:

Public Relations Officer P.R.O

Habid, makes sure we all have our paperwork in order and that we are legal residents of the U.A.E.  He liaises with various federal municipal government departments to keep all our licenses, visas and operational requirements legal. 

He facilitates deportation of unwanted staff!  He walks the walk and talks the talk when it comes to handling extremely daunting tasks.

You will occasionally see him assisting in pick up and drop off’s for cattery, kennels and consults.

Habid is courageous in his endeavors and is married to Shayla and they have two kids together Hazin and Haya.

He loves running – sometimes away from us – and has completed R.A.K and Adnoc marathons.

Speaks: English, Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam and Arabic.

Our client relationship managers are committed to providing the best possible service.

Kay Anne Lopes:

Client Relationship Manageress C.R.M

Our gorgeous receptionist whose voice you will hear on your phone call to the clinic. Kay is an avid choir singer with a singing voice to lull the angels to sleep! 

She’s also a fiery character with excellent skills in communication and is extremely efficient to take on all your queries ranging from how to trick your cat into a trip to the clinic, to veterinary nutrition advice for your pet.

Although she doesn’t sing on the phone, she does sing to the cats in the cattery.

Kay is currently completing a veterinary nutritional advisor course.

Speaks: English, Tagalog and Arabic

Subin. P. Baby

Client Relationship Manager

Few words, but major impact – he speaks when he is spoken to! Subin is friendly and efficient in communications and accountancy, and is a soft-hearted dude who cries when he sees pets in pain – the emotional empath…

He loves cats and is always playing with little dogs in our lobby. He’s also an avid cricketer, after all he is Indian and face it – Indians know their cricket!

He balances the customer relation team with his calmness and problem-solving skill set.  Subin also helps out in the pet relocation department.  Yeah, he can multi-task!

His rough rugged looks hide a big soft inner teddy bear – did we mention he is single?                                                                                                              

Speaks: English, Hindi, Tamil and Malayalam

Chelsea Kyle

Our trainee CRM

Bio coming soon!

Cattery Staff

Providing the care, attention and TLC your cat deserves…


Hospitality and Cattery-in-charge

He is a man of few words – a hospitality specialist so the clinic hygiene and cleanliness is all on him.  He ensures all our cattery residents are well cared for and is at their mercy! You know cats, they are fussy and needy!

Speaks: English, Tagalog and “cat”

“Keep calm and purr-on”

Office Staff

Keeping the business side of things in order…

Waruna S. Nanayakkra


The AVC Pet Relocation Team

Making pet relocation easy!

Abhi Chhetri: 

Senior Pet Relocation Advisor

Abhi oversees the AVC Pet Relocation Department – making sure you and your pet receive the best possible advice and care when traveling.  Abhi’s extensive experience with both importing and exporting pets ensures he can provide answers to all your pet relocation questions!

Shibin Poonthottathil:

Pet Relocation assistant

You will also meet him on the occassion, he is fetching/drop-off your fur kids at your home.  He ensures they travel in our air-conditioned vehicles in prime comfort.  He aims to ensure they are always safely in their crates/carriers.  Shibin, is calm and collected at all times and is able to soothe any anxious pet before and after travels.  He is trained in recognising veterinary emergencies and to mobilise the technical team in the event.  

He can also be found outside our clinic feeding the community cats or sneaking them in to the air-conditioned hallways of the building to cool down. An avid eco-warrior continually watering plants and ensuring our front garden is clean from ecologically damaging trash! 

The AVC Kennel Team

Trusted care for your trusted companion!

Kristian-B :  

Kennel Supervisor

Everyone who uses the AVC Kennels knows Kristian!  He has a calm and gentle approach with the dogs in his care and treats them as if they were his own.  His admirable work ethic, attention to detail, and dedication to customer service allow him to excel in his role as AVC Kennel Supervisor. 

Shibin Poonthottathil:

Pet Relocation assistant

Alvin Cayanan: 


Alvin is one of our youngest dog handlers at the AVC Kennels and strives to ensure all our patrons have no reason to complain – lapdogs love him as he offers them cuddles.  Having a bad hair day – Alvin fixes them up for the furries!

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