Surgical Services

Surgery and Anesthesia

Our skilled veterinarians offer high-quality surgical services. Your pets will be
in our safe hands, we are the Michael Jordan in pet surgery, and we use the most modern medical procedures to diagnose and treat various conditions or injuries
in your pet with effective and high-quality care.
We’ve got the safest anesthetics to offer an extra margin of safety, especially for
our older or high-risk patients. With the most modern equipment in AVC, the
vital signs of your furry friends are noticed during all anesthetic procedures.
Our smart equipment looks out for any distress during anesthesia.

Soft Tissue Surgery

The surgical team in AVC will be like a guardian angel for your pets. With Soft Tissue Surgery, we let your furry friend look cooler with a surgical scar. our knowledgeable veterinarians are equipped with modern surgical equipment, and we’ll make sure that your pet leaves our clinic like a champion.

Spay & Neuter Procedures

Our comprehensive services including Spay and Neuter Procedures and the Spaying surgical procedures are normally performed on your female furry friends to make them infertile. We don’t want to hurt them, so we use general anesthesia during the removal of the uterus and ovaries.

Remember, your furry friends need to be spayed at the age of 5-6 months before they reach to first heat cycle.

Our Pet’s Spay Services

Additional Perks

So, don’t stay till it becomes worse! Come to AVC and make your furry friend the coolest superhero in town with our surgical services and care.

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