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We are equipped with the most modern and innovative medical equipment and technologies to ensure the possible care for your furry friends. Trust us to make us closer to you.

We’re the pet whisperers in Abu Dhabi that provides personalized healthcare
services for your pets. With flexible hours and convenient booking, 

Our skilled veterinarians offer high-quality surgical services. Your pets will be in our safe hands, we are the Michael Jordan in pet surgery.

We welcome you to our premium grooming facility! Our vastly experienced and trained staff are dedicated to providing excellent grooming services.

We are equipped for the mandibular surgery of your pet; these surgical
procedures will help to prevent the concern on the lower jawbone and
misaligned jaws of your pet.

Our professional veterinarians will help with personalized care and receive relocation consultation from them to make the transition easy and entertaining for your pets.

At AVC, We established a complete inventory of pharmaceuticals, from fancy shampoos to flea and tick protection products to meet the needs of your pet. Do you believe in holistic healing magic? 

At AVC, we offer extended veterinary diagnostic services with our professional veterinarians who are equipped with the latest technology and innovative tools to help your beloved one from their miseries.

Don’t be curious about the impudent behavior of your furry friend! They may
be feeling irritated inside. We are equipped with quality diagnostic imaging services to get rid of these issues.

With our high-quality digital radiography service, we can snap excellent X-rays of the internal organs of your furry friend. Remember, don’t try to put this as your Instagram post!

Please don’t dress about your pet’s health! We use the new Esaote fully-loaded ultrasound machines at our clinic that can offer non-invasive diagnostics imaging techniques.

Don’t be late to have the best diagnostic imaging checkup! At AVC, we provide detailed images of your pet’s organs, heart, and blood vessels with digital radiography and ultrasonography services.

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