Dentistry Services

Dentistry Services

Greeting pet parents! Don’t fear for your pet’s dental health. Our veterinary
dentistry service includes comprehensive dental care for your pets. We provide
pain-free dental services for your furry friend.
At AVC, we are equipped with veterinary-specific dental machinery designed
and manufactured in Australia, iM3, which is very safe to perform the most
complected procedure under anesthesia. Visit us to have the next-level dental
check-up for your furry friend.

Our pet dental care sets your furry friends with great dental hygiene for life.

Mandibular Surgery

We are equipped for the mandibular surgery of your pet; these surgical
procedures will help to prevent the concern on the lower jawbone and
misaligned jaws of your pet.
So, with the comprehensive pack of dental services, make us help your furry
friend to have a healthy smile! Trust us to ensure long-term healthy teeth for
your pets.

Maxillo-Facial Surgery

We are specialized in maxilla-facial surgeries and treating various conditions of your furry friend, injuries, and more serious issues affecting the little ones’ mouth, jaw, face, and neck.

Dental scale

our professional veterinarians are equipped with the most modern equipment, we help to avoid tartar from your furry friend’s teeth.

Dental Polish

Your loved ones will smile with all heart, we ensure a smooth tooth surface for your furry friend to avoid plaque and make a pleasant appearance

Dental Extractions

Sometimes teeth must go! Our professional veterinarians remove teeth from your pet as a result of decay or damage in teeth that cannot be repaired.

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