Medical Services

Happy and Wholesome Pets! That’s Our Mission

We’re the pet whisperers in Abu Dhabi that provides personalized healthcare services for your pets. With flexible hours and convenient booking, our experienced vets make your furry friend’s way their tails in comfy!

We provide top-notch veterinary services including routine check-ups to surgeries for your pets.

No matter your pet’s needs, our dedicated veterinarians are here to provide extensive care and attention for them. You can trust us to keep your furry friends healthy and happy.

Schedule an appointment today and receive the best care for your pets they deserve.


We know that every pet parents have a wide range of queries regarding the health of their furry friends. Our expert veterinarians know the urge and they’re here to help you. Visit us! We’ll help you in a to z to help your furry friends to have a healthy life.


Shots may not be a favorite thing for your furry friends, also, we do not want to hurt them in this way. However, it is important to take vaccinations at regular intervals just like your born baby to have a healthy life. We offer vaccinations for pups and kittens in a cost-effective way to improve the furry friend’s well being. We promise to do this process in a quick and painless process.


Just like us, the nervous system is the key factor in the health of your beloved ones. Don’t wait for them to wag their tails, take them for routine check-ups, and in case of any issues in the nervous system. Our neurology experts are ready to treat your furry friend with the latest technique and tools to diagnose the issues they might have experienced.


From metabolism to hormones, the endocrine system is responsible to facilitate everything in between and prevent harm to your furry friend. That’s where our experts came in. Our endocrinology team is highly professional and lets your pet leave AVC in tip-top shape.


Upset tummies are a serious concern, your furry friend may have chronic digestive issues due to inadequate food style or diet. We have a team of gastroenterology experts who are capable of treating your pet with extensive care. With the help of our innovative techniques, your furry friend can retain a healthy digestive system within a few days.


We offer permanent identification and microchipping services performed by our trained professionals. Losing your pet is the worst nightmare! Hence, we offer a secure and efficient way to identify and track your pets, reunite with their owners, and help in pet management.

Dietary Counseling

Our dietary counseling services promote personalized and scientifically proven nutritional advice including the dietary requirement for growth, weight maintenance, and performance, to help to optimize the wellness of your pet. We make your furry friend fit as a fiddle. Trust us to maintain a healthy life for your pet.

Behavior Counseling

Does your furry friend behave ruff? We provide behavioral counseling for your pets. Our experienced professionals provide guidance and support for the correction of behaviors such as excessive barking, spraying, chewing, scratching, digging, house soiling, aggression, and more to enhance their quality of life.


We’re committed to making your furry friend feel chill and looking more cooler. The cryotherapy service we offer is a minimal-invasive and effective way to treat various medical conditions of your pet using extremely cold temperatures. Also, we have invested in more cool equipment using liquid nitrogen to remove excessive skin growths and tags on older pets with minimal invasive techniques.

Individualized Flea Control Programs

Don’t let fleas “bug” your furry friend! Our veterinary flea control program helps you to have a positive environmental situation. Our knowledgeable professionals review with you the effective ways to control fleas from the surroundings of your pet.

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