How to Prepare Your Pet for International Travel

Travelling with dog to Abu Dhabi from another country, or travelling from Abu Dhabi to another nation can be stressful for your pet. There are some necessary considerations you need to take into account when planning an international trip with your pet. Fortunately, most pets can travel just fine and they can happily settle in the new place in a short period. However, you need to consider several other factors in international pet relocation. As a pet owner importing a pet to Dubai or Abu Dhabi, you must understand the necessity of the international relocation paperwork and the required logistic support to provide a comfortable journey for your pet.

Preparing for Take-off: A Checklist for Pet Owners

Consultation with The Vet

When you plan an international journey, it is important to consult a professional veterinarian first. As an initial step, this helps you to ensure your pet’s health before the trip. A professional vet clinic like AVC can offer information regarding necessary vaccinations and health tests and they guide you through the necessary procedures for international pet relocation and pet relocating to UAE.

Crate Training

Crate training is important during pet travel preparation. Allow them to familiarise themselves with the crate gradually and this will reduce their anxiety during the journey as they spend more time within the crate during the shipment.


Make your pet acclimate to the new environment by socialising them with other animals and exposing them to different situations. Regular outings with your pet to public spaces allow them to prepare for the crowded atmosphere of airports.

Handling Anxiety

If your pet is prone to separation anxiety or discomfort in an unfamiliar situation, seek guidance from an experienced pet behaviour specialist. They can help pets to handle anxiety issues. Nevertheless, using tranquillisers or sedatives is not recommended since they can create adverse effects at high altitudes.

On the Day of Departure: Ensure Comfort and Safety

Packing Essentials

Pack the pet’s crate with familiar bedding and if possible, try to include a piece of clothing that carries your scent. Do not include valuable items as they may be discarded during the inspection. You need to bring a small packet of dry foods to ensure comfort amidst the journey.

Hydration and Nutrition

Keep your pet hydrated during their journey by ensuring access to an adequate level of water. For example, if you are moving to Abu Dhabi, ensure that your pet receives the necessary water to drink and feed your dog with a light meal several hours before travelling with dog to Abu Dhabi.

Partnering with Pet Travel Experts

For a stress-free international pet relocation, consider enlisting the services of professional pet relocation service providers. American Veterinary Clinic specialises in facilitating safe journeys for your pet relocation to UAE and UAE to other countries. We provide all the support from documentation to logistical support, ensuring a smooth journey to your pet’s new place.

By following the aforementioned guidelines and assisting our trusted professionals, you can make your pet’s journey as simple as possible.

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