X-Rays Dogs and Cats Abu Dhabi

X-Rays Dogs And Cats Abu Dhabi | Best Xray Services

X Rays Dogs And Cats Abu Dhabi

Are you an Abu Dhabi resident? Does your pet recently undergo any X Rays? X-Rays Dogs and Cats Abu Dhabi is a diagnostic procedure often used to check the internal organs of your pets.

The best X-ray services in Abu Dhabi provide full internal body assessment for your pet to check whether any organs or bones are affected by any disease or issues. X-rays are generally used as an imaging technique that provides veterinarians with more information regarding the pet’s health and what is happening inside the body of a dog or cat.

X-ray services are performed by passing a small amount of radiation inside the different parts of an animal’s body. However, organs and skin involved in soft tissues are unable to absorb radiation whereas dense tissue absorbs the rays and thereby produces the image.


How X-Rays Dogs and Cats Abu Dhabi Help Vets Diagnose?

X Rays Dogs And Cats Abu Dhabi

Practicing X-rays help vets to identify what happens inside the pet’s bones, tissues, and internal organs, and by identifying the particular issue vets can diagnose broken bones, bladder stones, if something is swallowed, and more.

Moreover, with the help of X-ray images, vets can address the pregnancy, tumors, and enlarged organs inside your dog or cat and also helps in diagnosing heart disease or cancer.

However, it is impossible to attain a detailed view of organs, ligaments, and tissues using X-rays. In such a situation, another diagnostic imaging system including MRI and Ultrasound is mostly preferred by vets.

Similarly, the vets can identify the pregnancy of dogs or cats and allow them to prepare for the birth of younger ones. This also provides the number of puppies and kittens are expecting also a c-section might be required for any reason.

American Veterinary Clinic in Abu Dhabi facilitates a top-quality X-ray machine that produces a high-resolution image to easily identify and evaluate your pet’s anatomy.

What is the Use of X-Rays Dogs and Cats Abu Dhabi?

X Rays Dogs And Cats Abu Dhabi
A pet X-ray can be used to evaluate the anatomy of your dogs and cats, a best veterinary X-ray service offer many benefits and increase the quality of life of your pets. The main use of pet X-rays is to identify the abdominal activities of animals and which are described in the following such as;
  • Diagnosing the dental problem.
  • Checking internal organs such as lungs, liver, and heart.
  • Used for vomiting or diarrhea
  • Used for abdominal pain
  • Orthopedic problems
  • Testing stones, cysts, and tumors.
  • How To Prepare Your Dogs and Cats for X-rays?

    Usually, X-rays dogs and cats Abu Dhabi are performed when your animal causes any disturbance in their abdominal, and that is addressed by the vets. However, it does not require any preparation. The veterinarian will examine the dog or cat and if any x-rays are required then they will explain the complete procedure before performing the diagnosis.

    If you have booked an X-ray for your pet, the talented vets in AVC provide all the instructions and activities your pet must undergo the day before the procedure.


    Do X-Rays Cause Harm to Dogs and Cats?

    X Rays Dogs And Cats Abu Dhabi

    Normally X-rays do not provide any harm to animals, however, in some scenarios such as diagnosing an animal during pregnancy, it requires some additional examination prior to the procedure to check the health condition.

    Sedation is used in some cases while performing X-rays such as if the dog or cat is aggressive or in much pain to lie in a comfortable position. However, sedation will not be necessary.

    In other condition, sedation will require when the pet’s muscles need to be relaxed to capture a high-quality image and if the X-rays is used for examining the teeth or skull.


    Are X-Rays Safe for Dogs and Cats?

    Radiation is involved in X-rays hence it uses occasionally as a diagnostic tool and is mostly used in dogs and cats to gather information regarding their pregnancy. However, in some situations, X-rays cannot be used and as a result, Ultrasound could be the best possible way to examine the internal part of the animal.

    If you have any concerns regarding X-rays, better you must consult the vets at American Veterinary Clinic in Abu Dhabi to understand the benefits and risks of performing X-rays.


    How Much Does It Cost for X-Rays Dogs and Cats Abu Dhabi?

    Considering the cost of doing X-rays, there are a number of factors influencing the cost of your dogs and cats’ X-rays including the size of the pet, and the part being X-rayed, also the cost may vary if sedation is used.

    It is better to consult the vets and ask for the estimated amount before the procedure if you have any concerns.


    Therefore, the above-mentioned details are not completed information on X-rays in dogs and cats. However, it is better to consult with professional veterinarians prior to the X-ray procedure in order to ask about your concern and to know more about pet X-rays.

    American Veterinary Clinic in Abu Dhabi offers the best X-ray services to animals, our veterinarians use top-quality X-Rays Dogs and Cats Abu Dhabi with effective diagnostic imaging systems for animals. For specialists care and emergencies contact AVC to receive the best veterinary service in Abu Dhabi.

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